Firm Overview

The attorneys and staff of the Life & Estate Planning Law Center, PLLC work to competently and professionally meet clients’ needs to face life’s challenges and opportunities.  The Law Offices of Peter T. Straub served clients in this location from 1976 through 2009, and Peter was the inspiration for our client centered approach.  

Clients come to us with needs as varied and individual as they are, and we bring over 40 years of experience to providing guidance and practical resources to meet those needs. From young couples with minor children to retirees planning for the future, we focus on pragmatic solutions and educating our clients so they can make informed decisions.

Why “Life Planning”?

Most people understand the concept of “estate planning” in connection with documents created to pass assets to their heirs or beneficiaries. But solid, competent estate planning includes so much more – we call it “life planning.”  Whether you are graduating from college, starting your first job, getting married, having a baby, dealing with illness, divorce or other major issues, your life plan needs to change and grow with you.  Of course, wills and trusts are important parts of the puzzle, but caring for our loved ones while we and they are alive is vital to the quality of the life we want to live. 

Our mission, simply, is to help our clients through the transitions in life and to plan for whatever may come in the future.  We are proud of our client centered approach to meeting individual client needs.  We make certain that you completely understand the complicated tax, financial and legal terminology and concepts through explanations in plain English and with illustrations where helpful. We are sensitive to the cultural, ethnic and life style differences among clients in our cosmopolitan area. We welcome your questions, and will work with you to implement plans that meet your needs, and the needs of your family and loved ones. 

Attorney Profiles:

Barbara S. Anderson, Esq

Natalie T. Page, Esq. 

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